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迈图 RTV615 PDMS硅橡胶是清澈无色的,低温度不同,柔韧性不同。两者都是低粘度,容易倾倒的液体与面值粘度介于3000和7000毫帕·秒。RTV615硅橡胶化合物有能力保持灵活,在温度55°C低于其配套产品。


RTV615 and RTV655 silicone rubber compounds are clear liquids, which cure at room temperature to high strength silicone rubber with the addition of curing agents. These tow-component products are supplied with curing agent in matched kits, which are designed for use at a convenient 10:1 ratio by weight.


These compounds are clear and colourless but differ in low temperature flexibility. Both are low viscosity, easily pourable liquids with nominal viscosities ranging between 3000 and 7000 mPa·s. RTV655 silicone rubber compounds has the capability of remaining flexible at temperatures 55 °C lower than its companion product.

RTV615 RTV655硅橡胶化合物被用于保护电子元件和组件对冲击,震动,湿气,臭氧,粉尘,化工,和其他环境危害的灌封或封装部件和组件。这些硅橡胶化合物显示的光学清晰度评价的应用程序,如盆栽最大的光传输和电子组件,成分标识是必要或适宜的太阳能电池。RTV655硅橡胶化合物是优选的,,灵活性在温度下降到-115℃下是必需的。

RTV615 and RTV655 silicone rubber compounds are being used for protection of electronic components and assemblies against shock, vibration, moisture, ozone, dust, chemicals, and other environmental hazards by potting or encapsulation of the components and assemblies. The optical clarity of these silicone rubber compounds suggests evaluation for applications such as potting solar cells for maximum light transmission and electronic assemblies where component identification is necessary or desirable. RTV655 silicone rubber compound is preferred where flexibility at temperatures down to -115 °C is required.

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Convenient 10:1 mixing ration use in automatic dispensing or hand operations

Low viscosity allows easy flow in and around complex parts, providing excellent electrical insulation and shock resistance

Cure rate can be acclerated by heat

Will cure in deep sections or enclosed assemblies without exotherm and with low shrinkage

Chemical composition contains no solvents for ease of use on production lines

Reversion resistance and hydrolytic stability permit use in high humidity environments at elevated temperatures

Clarity permits visual inspection for easy identification and repair of encapsulate parts